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Sonic Being Training FAQs

What's the Schedule?

Online Workshops are Pacific Standard Time and meet twice a week:

Week 1 Online Classes:
Monday, June 17th 6 - 8pm

Wednesday, June 19th 6 - 8pm

Week 2 Online Classes:

Monday, June 24th 6 - 8pm

Wednesday, June 26th 6 - 8pm

In-person Weekend Immersion at Light on Lotus in Mar Vista, CA:

Hands-on training w/ provided instruments
Friday, June 28th,  2-7pm

Saturday, June 29th,  12:30-8:30pm

Sunday, June 30th, 12:30-8:30pm

Week 3 Online Closing Class:

Tuesday, July 2nd 6 - 8pm

Bonus Online Follow-up class - Date to be determined by the group


Who’s It For?

This course is for those who would like to share sound healing on its own or for practitioners who would like to enhance other healing modalities. You are interested in understanding the medicinal properties of sound and vibration. It's important to you to authentically and safely share sound healing with others to offer true transformation. 

Sound Healing pairs nicely with the following:

- Massage Therapy

- Acupuncture

- Guided Meditation

- Yoga

- Breathwork

- Nursing / Care-taking

- Reiki

- Corporate Wellness Programs

- Substance Abuse Recovery

- Chronic & Serious Illness Healing

- Birth & Postpartum Doula Support

- Hospice / Death Doula

No prior knowledge in sound healing needed to sign up. There is an excellent book list to begin your journey into this dynamic subject before the training starts.

Walk away with basic sound healing skills to integrate into your current healing practice or enough to get started if completely new to working with sound and vibrational healing.

Who's It for?

What’s the Curriculum?

Online Classes:

The program begins with online classes that will educate you on the power of sound. The sessions are an intriguing blend of science and spirituality that will prepare you for the in-person weekend. Each class is taught live and is about two hours in length. 


In-person Weekend Intensive

The in-person weekend intensive offers a great way to explore the different instruments with hands-on practice. This is a great way to discover your favorite sonic tools before making an investment. There might be many online courses on this topic, but nothing compares to experiencing the power of sound healing live before your eyes, feel the vibrations, and develop your relationship with sound through group and individual exercises. 


Self-study (suggested reading)

Sound Healing is a dynamic subject. There are amazing books hat will support and expand your knowledge on the subject. Sonic Being students love the carefully selected list of books. Most are found in all formats such as print, digital, and as audio books.



The training truly begins once you start practicing at home with your own instruments. This is when you will utilize the techniques taught in the workshops and hone in on your sound healing skills. Practicing with friends and family will build confidence and help you create the structure of your unique sessions.

Marketing & Business Skills

Guidance on creating your marketing elements such as professional photos, bios, establishing your web presence and social media. Introduction to standard business practices in the Healing Arts field will also be discussed.


What’s Included?

The Sonic Being Training Manual

This is available as a PDF or in print.

Curated Reading List:

Choose from a carefully selected list of books that will support your sound healing education.

Hands-on teaching modules include practice with the following instruments (everything is provided, no need to bring your own or purchase before the training):

- Crystal Bowls

- Himalayan Bowls

- Gongs

- Tuning Forks

- Shamanic Drumming

- An array of accent instruments

- Exploration of the different types of playing mallets

- And much more! 


The Sonic Being Method

Included in the course is learning about the Sonic Being Method, a protocol developed over the past fifteen years that offers a gentle yet powerful way to give your client the proper dosage of sounds and vibrations without over-activating their vessel. With this knowledge, you will be a very skillful and powerful sound healer. 

Sonic Being Student Portal

This is where you will find additional guidance on business skills, instrument care, marketing, and links to media to continue your evolution in the sound healing field. 

Discounts on Sound Healing Instruments

Save money by purchasing through Sonic Being. This comes with a personal consultation to help you make the best choices and navigate through the different instrument brands. Guidance on accessories will help you save time and money. If you're not sure where to start,  Michelle will help you choose the best sonic tools to start with or add to your current collection.

Private Coaching

Some students find private coaching after the training to be beneficial. Michelle offers these sessions for an additional fee.

What's Included?

Tell me more about the new online virtual training!

It's finally here! After years of people reaching out from all over the world, I've finally created an online only training that makes learning the Sonic Being Method accessible from anywhere on the planet that has internet! 

The remote program includes the live online classes and then student's can carry on at your own pace through the pre-recorded video modules that take you on an exploration through the most popular instruments used in sound healing. This includes playing tips, session design, marketing and business guidance, instrument care, and so much more. 

It is best to own some instruments so you can follow along with the playing tips in real-time. If not, then you can use the videos to help you choose which instruments you would like to invest in first.  You will have access to the training portal for 120 days from the commencement of your session. This will allow you to circle back when you need to review the material. You may extend your access to the portal after 120 days for a nominal fee. 

You can still earn your certification!
Please follow the regular certification requirements from where you live. Once you've completed all the tasks, it will be time to submit your documents to Sonic Being for review. If everything looks good, we will send you a link for the online quiz to take from home. Passing the quiz is the last step, then we will mail you the Certificate of Completion for your records. You will have 4 months to finish this task with an option to extend but it's nice to have a deadline to keep you in flow and committed.

Tell me more virtual traning

Do I need to own any instruments to get started?

If you will attend the in-person weekend immersion, then It is not necessary to own any instruments to begin your journey into sound healing. The training leads students on an exploration of the most popular sonic tools. This method of teaching allows students to have hands-on experience before making a purchase. It is ok to already own some instruments and the curriculum will help you make better buying decisions on which type of instrument to add next to your collection. Plus, when you purchase through Sonic Being, you'll receive exclusive discounts along with Michelle's expert consulting.


Do I Get a Certificate?

Students will receive a certificate after completing the following:

– Completion of the Online and In Person workshops or Remote students are to complete the online video modules

– Perform 5 complimentary and 5 donation-based sound baths for friends (10 total) and turn in feedback forms

– Read 2 books from the book list – turn in a short book report on each book (1 page)

– Take short Quiz on Basic Sound Healing Knowledge

– Apprentice at a Sonic Being Sound Bath if your goal is to facilitate group sound baths (minimum of one session but may apprentice additional to expand “real life” sound bath facilitation experience. This is not mandatory yet encouraged).

– Design a healing session on paper that incorporates sound healing

* Certification is not required to take the training but it is recommended if you choose to share sound healing professionally. There are many business advantages for having a certificate of completion on hand.


What’s the Registration Policy?

* Space is limited to provide an authentic learning experience

* The deposit is non-refundable but may be applied to a future training within one year of original date

* After you submit a $300 deposit to hold your place, the balance is due one week before the first online class starts

* Cancellation must be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the workshop start date

* If you cancel within 7 days of training there is a $100 rescheduling fee

* The certification is not mandatory as many take the course to evolve their self-care

Registration Policy

Still have questions? Shoot me a message and we can set up a short discovery call. 

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