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Corporate Wellness

Rejuvenate and Harmonize your team


Give your team a nurturing experience

Offering a guided sound meditation for your employees is a wonderful way to keep your workforce operating at a productive frequency.


The relaxing session allows team members to truly escape from daily stresses, cultivate inner balance, and return back to their daily tasks with a renewed sense of energy with productive minds.

Michelle has been participating in employee wellness programs for many years and from her experience, it's been a huge hit with staff members of all walks of life!  Our team can provide lunch-time, afternoon, and Friday sessions at various lengths.

The Sonic Being team has contributed to corporate wellness programs across Southern California. Companies range from the Entertainment industry, Design Firms, Law Firms, Health Industry, Fashion Industry, Real Estate Agencies, and more!

Clients include: Instagram, Nike, ShareThis, & Kaiser (just to name a few)

Rejuvenize your team!

"Connecting the businesses and the employees located in our downtown building was important to fostering our community. It was wonderful to see everyone gather only to slow down together. It was a big hit and we now host these type of events on a monthly basis and the attendance increases each time".
-CJ -


About Us

We have an array of instruments in our collection along with a community of talented musicians and assistant sound healers to cater to our clients vision. Michelle has performed sound baths for close to fifteen years in various formats. She is a professional in her field with both event production, facilitation experience, and a remarkable knowledge of sound healing. Her relaxed yet fun approach to sharing sound healing will encourage all walks of life to be open and receptive to what may be a new experience for them. The Sonic Being team has performed sound baths for Birthdays, Baby Showers, House Warming Ceremonies, Weddings, Corporate Gatherings, Festivals, and Retreats.


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