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Amplify self-care in group environments

Give your guests a special experience

Enhance your retreat programming with a sound bath or breathwork experience. These modalities pair well with other wellness activities such as yoga, bodywork, self-discovery workshops, masterminds, outdoor activities and more.

Taking a break from our daily lives can produce major shifts.  The goal of most retreats are to slow down. Whether it's a healing retreat, a corporate or mastermind retreat, Sound Baths are wonderful to add to the programming. We also have fun hands-on activities where your team can explore the sound healing instruments through team-building exercises that incorporate deep listening and connection.

Cultivating Inner Connection

"Our retreat guests loved the sound bath! It was a perfect opener to the weekend to help everyone slow down from their busy lives and tune into a restorative weekend."

- KJ - 


About Us

Michelle has performed sound baths for close to fifteen years in various formats. She is a professional in her field with both event production, facilitation experience, and a remarkable knowledge of sound healing. Her relaxed yet fun approach to sharing sound healing will encourage all walks of life to be open and receptive to what may be a new experience for them.


We have an array of instruments in our collection along with a community of talented musicians and assistant sound healers to cater to our clients vision. The Sonic Being team has performed sound baths for retreats and corporate wellness programs across California. 


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