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Michelle Berc

Certified in the following:
Sound Healing, Breathwork, HeartMath, and
Vibrational Sound Therapy

Michelle Berc is the founder of Sonic Being and has been sharing Sound Healing across Southern California for over fifteen years. She is certified in Sound Healing, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Breathwork, and is a HeartMath Practitioner. Her sessions range from privates to group sound baths and breathwork classes along with participating in corporate wellness programs and celebrity gatherings. She also performs large sound meditation experiences with a full team and special guest musicians. Michelle Launched the Sonic Being Sound Healing Training Program in 2018 and has successfully passed along her knowledge of sound and vibrational healing over the last few years.


Michelle is known for the ‘Sonic Being Method’ - a signature chakra balancing sound bath with the crystal bowls. Her sound meditation sessions expand into a full sonic journey as she often incorporates other distinctive sounds such as Himalayan Singing Bowls, Sacred Drums, Percussion accents, Gongs, and other rare instruments.  Although each soundscape is unique in its own right, they also provide a balanced healing due to the energetic architecture that the healing sounds seamlessly flow through.  Each stage of the sound meditation serves its healing purpose and is delivered with the perfect dosage allowing guests to feel peacefully fulfilled without being over-activated .  In addition, most of her public sessions host a guest musician which offers an authentic experience each and every time. The healing sounds will move around you, move through you, and simply move you like a loving serenade would do so.


Michelle’s former background includes being the founder and curator of the Create:Fixate Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists and musicians through festive art exhibits for close to fifteen years. Previously, she earned a BFA degree in Film Production and Photography. After graduating college, Michelle worked in the Music Video and Commercial Industry for seven years before redirecting her energy full-time to the arts. In her spare time, she loved exploring different meditation practices which eventually led her to the world of sound healing. Exploring and understanding human energy through art, music, and sound has been a passion of Michelle’s since her childhood. 

Michelle has performed Sound Baths at the following studios and events:

Soho House

Light on Lotus


Cocoon Healing Arts Studio

Unplug Meditation

Ceremony Meditation

Knockout LA 

Spiritual Glamper

Seane Corn - Align with Source Retreat

Modo Yoga w/ Emily Morwen


Bhakti Yoga Shala


Yoga Works with Uma Mother

Love Yoga with Uma Mother

Bhakti and Shakti Festival

Lightning in a Bottle Festival

The Prancing Peacock - Virtual Retreat

Soul Hum

Harbin Hot Springs - Private Retreat

Habitas - Retreat Weekend

Deep Exhale 


Standard Hotel - Miami Beach

Bagua - Miami

Leggings Lounge - Edition Hotel - Miami Beach

Parachute Hotel

House of Healing Arts


Michelle and her team have contributed to many corporate wellness programs in the Los Angeles area. Companies range from the Entertainment Industry, Healthcare, Law Firms, Real Estate, Fashion, Design Firms, Art Galleries, Professional Sports teams, and more. 
Special events include numerous Baby Showers, Birthday parties, Celebrity events, Retreats, Weddings, and Memorial services. 

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