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InnerFlow sessions weave breathwork and sound healing together to offer a complete vibrational tune-up for the mind, body, and spirit. The program includes light breathwork with vocal toning leading into a deeper breathing session that shifts your consciousness along with activating your cells. This allows the release of blocked energy and a connection to deep healing insights. Once the work is done, relax into a blissful soundscape. Michelle ends her sessions with a mini-sound bath and a tuning fork treatment for grounding.

A Private Breathwork Session allows you to move deeper into your healing work. When receiving individual attention, a feeling of trust is established and in return, this enhances your freedom to move through the self-discovery process. Michelle has a unique approach of holding space and guiding you through the unfolding of targeting and releasing deep vibrational imprints that no longer serve you.. The final stage involves shifting towards healthier behavior patterns where you get to choose to live the life you truly desire.

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