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Public Sessions

Experience a Sonic Being sound bath or breathwork session at various yoga and meditation studios across Los Angeles

Treat yourself to a session of self-care

Sound Bath and Breathwork classes are offered at various meditation and yoga studios throughout Los Angeles. Michelle often hosts special sound bath events on the New and Full Moon of each month.


In the warm months, we often gathering our community outdoors for a sound meditation experience in nature on private scenic properties.


The new 2023 schedule will be announced very soon. Subscribe to the Sonic Being email list to be notified of upcoming gatherings.

If you tell yourself that you don't have the time to slow down or don't know how to quiet your mind,  then you may need this the most. The great thing about sound meditation is that you don't have to try too hard. The sounds will lead you right to a realm of relaxation. This allows your mind to rest and the energy in your body to realign. 

Rest and Revitalize through the power
of sound healing and breathwork

"I've explored at least a dozen healing modalities in the past 15 years in Los Angeles and Michelle Berc's Sonic Being Sound Baths are my absolute FAVORITE. You feel great right away and the positive vibration stays strong for DAYS afterwards. Pure MAGIC."

– TV –

About Us

Michelle Berc has been sharing Sound Healing across Southern California for close to fifteen years. She is certified in Sound Healing, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Breathwork, and is a HeartMath Practitioner. 


Michelle is known for the ‘Sonic Being Method’ - a signature sound bath flow that offers a balanced dose of sound and vibrational medicine without over-activating the recipients.  Each stage of the sound meditation serves its healing purpose and is delivered with the perfect dosage allowing guests to feel peacefully fulfilled and transformed. Her sessions are full healing journeys that incorporate distinctive sounds such as Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls, Sacred Drums, Percussion accents, Gongs, and other rare instruments shared by guest musicians.


Michelle's relaxed yet fun approach to sharing sound healing will encourage all walks of life to be open and receptive to what may be a new experience for them. 


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