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Private Sessions

Self-care is essential.  Receiving personal attention can help you get more out of your sessions.

Dive deeper into your self-care with personal attention

A private session allows you to move deeper into your healing and self-care. When receiving individual attention, a feeling of trust is established and in return, this enhances your freedom to move through the self-discovery process. The final stage involves shifting towards healthier behavior patterns where you get to choose to live the life you truly desire. As Michelle gets to know you, she can target specific areas of your energetic vessel to bring about balance.

Michelle offers a variety of private sessions to choose from. A client may prefer one modality over another or a combination of Sound Healing, Breathwork, and HeartMath together. 

Many find it very beneficial incorporating sound healing into their regular meditation practice or healing path. The session completely relaxes the mind and is great for those who are active with high-stress careers.  Sound meditation is gentle and powerful for those recovering from an illness. The more relaxed you are, the deeper the rejuvenation which brings on faster recovery. Additionally, it is also wonderful for mothers-to-be and parents seeking a peaceful break from their demanding family life.

There are a few types of private sessions to choose from:
Chakra Balancing Sound Bath with the Crystal Bowls balances the subtle energetic bodies with an impactful affect on the physical body. Additionally, the brain completely relaxes into an Alpha Brainwave state (relaxed yet still awake) and many drift into a Theta Brainwave state reaching the subconscious where visions along with deep releasing and balancing may take place.

Expanded Sound Journey with Gongs, crystal bowls, and additional sound healing instruments to enhance the session

** Session enhancements may include additional practitioners sharing acupuncture, reiki, aroma therapy, and vibrational sound therapy treatments (tuning forks and Himalayan bowls placed directly on the body). 

Personalized attention to assist your healing and growth.

I was on a mission to quit smoking and open to trying anything. Michelle's guidance through the HeartMath sessions gave me real take-aways to help control my cravings. Within a month I reduced my smoking significantly. Within six weeks, I shifted my behavor patterns and cravings. I am now cigarette-free. So grateful!
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About Us

Michelle has performed sound baths for close to fifteen years in various formats. She is a professional in her field offering powerful healing and revitalizing sessions for her private clients. Her relaxed approach to sharing sound healing and breathwork will encourage all walks of life to be open and receptive to what may be a new experience for them. 

Whether you're looking to reduce stress from an active career or moving through a challenging stage in life, Michelle's caring approach to holding space will enhance your well-being and welcome true transformation.

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