Postponed! Possible Online training in the works. Please email Michelle if you are interested and would like to be notified when dates are announced.

The Sonic Being Method :: Sound Healing Training Level 1
May 2nd & 3rd, 2020,  10am - 7pm, Saturday & Sunday

The Sanctuary :: Mar Vista, CA (Address released to registered students)
Learn the fundamentals of Sound Healing, the different instruments, how to play them, techniques to relax, release, and balance energy, basic science of how and why sound healing works, and more. Students will learn how to hold space for individuals, small groups. and most importantly, self-care.

Walk away with basic sound healing skills to integrate into your current healing practice or enough to get started if completely new to working with vibrational healing. This course is great for body workers, acupuncturists, meditation teachers, yoga instructors and other practitioners wishing to broaden their offerings. No prior knowledge in sound healing needed but there will be a book list to start reading to begin your journey into this dynamic subject before the training.

Included in the course is learning about the Sonic Being Method, a protocol developed over the past ten years that offers a gentle yet powerful way to give your client the proper dosage of sounds and vibrations without over-activating them. With this knowledge, you will be a very skillful and powerful sound healer.

Students will receive a Level 1 certificate after completing the following:
– Completion of the 2 day course
– Perform 5 complimentary and 5 donation-based sound baths for friends (10 total) and turn in feedback forms
– Read 2 books from book list – turn in short book report (1 page)
– Take short Quiz on Basic Sound Healing Knowledge
– Apprentice at a Sonic Being Sound Bath if your goal is to facilitate group sound baths (minimum of one session but may apprentice additional to expand “real life” sound bath experience. This is not mandatory yet encouraged.)
– Design a healing session on paper that incorporates sound healing


Earliest-Bird: $545
(Register by Tuesday, March 24th, 2020)

Early-Bird: $595
(Register by Friday, April 10th)

Training Fee: $655
(Register after April 10th)

$250 deposit to reserve your spot
final balance is due 5 days before class (Monday, January 27th)


* Space is limited to 16 students to provide an authentic learning experience
* Deposit is non-refundable but may be applied to a future training within one year of original date
* Cancellation must be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the workshop start date
* If you cancel within 7 days of training there is a $100 rescheduling fee
* The certification is not mandatory as many take the course to evolve their self-care

Class Schedule:
Saturday, May 2nd – 10am – 7pm
Sunday, May 3rd – 10am – 6:30pm
(1 hour lunch break on each day)

Email Michelle with any questions or to receive more information:


Click here to register

A Personal Note from Michelle:
I’m excited to continue to offer the level 1 sound healing training. The workshops over the last two years were a huge success and it expands my heart to bring this program to fruition and see a growing community of sound healers. I am thrilled to educate others about this dynamic subject and share tricks of the trade with like-minded souls. 

Over the years I’ve given private lessons in Sound Healing and have been asked by many to offer an official training! In this training, I will share my knowledge which will be a blend of the best teachings I’ve gained from over a decade of studies. This will also include teaching the Sonic Being Method – a fine-tuned recipe of vibrations that offers a gentle yet powerful healing session to perform for private or group sessions.

Sound Baths have become very popular and many dive in without proper training. So many people have come to me sharing their experiences from other sounds baths where they have walked away with headaches, feeling off balance, or over-activated. The Sonic Being Method is a balanced protocol where you won’t overdose your client with vibration and will only offer an effective and enjoyable healing soundscape experience.

I feel, creating music and creating a healing soundscape are two very different things. One is personal expression and the other is creating an experience with the healing of others at your highest priority. There is some overlap but it’s important to understand the difference. This starts with the know that it’s not about you, it’s about consciously facilitating for others. It’s one thing to learn how to play these powerful instruments and it’s another to learn how to properly apply their sounds and vibrations in a healing session. Understanding what the different types of vibrations and frequencies are and how they impact the human body physically, mentally, and energetically is of the upmost importance.  When working with private clients or groups, the knowledge of how to pin point and navigate what is needed for a unique individual or an overall group energy is just one of many important topics I would like to touch on. The 2-day course will be a wonderful introduction of  many sound healing techniques. Sound healing is a dynamic subject with many modalities under it’s umbrella. My intention is to show you the lay of the land, and then let you be inspired to either focus on one area or explore them all! 

Join me for a two day hands on training and walk away feeling confident to get started in the most authentic and effective way possible. You can also consider taking the training even if you plan to focus on self-care only. Since the level 1 class establishes the foundation and is an introduction to the array of sound healing modalities, later this year I will introduce master classes for level 1 students to hone in on their skills in each specific modality within sound healing. It takes time to study, absorb the information, and to practice and share. The Sonic Being Sound Healing program is a place for a community of sound healers to learn, grow, and activate together. 

Please contact me with any questions!




“I cannot say enough about Michelle and her Sonic Being Sound Healing Level 1 Training Class. It was exactly what I was seeking for a sound healing training class. The hands on time paired with the extensive knowledge shared helped me truly feel like I could heal with sound for myself and others. The information Michelle compiled and shared was so detailed yet very understandable for all skill levels. I cannot wait to complete my certification and move on to level 2! Thank you so much Michelle for opening my mind and hear to the possibilities of healing with sound!”  – VS

“Michelle’s program not only touches on the scientific knowledge but offers hands on opportunity for her students to learn, and practice with each other. I am excited that she offers an apprenticeship program following completion of level 1 training, and looking forward to being apart of it.”  – LA

“I can’t believe how much I learned about sound healing over a 2 day period. This experience has changed my perspective of how I move through my own healing and with holding space for others. I loved being able to play each type of instrument. This allowed me to figure out which are my favorite so I can confidently purchase my first few singing bowls and tuning forks. I also love the reading list. So many great books to dive into!” Thank you Michelle for sharing your knowledge with us so we can pass it along!  – KS

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