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Weighted OM Fork Set of Two (recommended for practitioners)

Relax and Ground with 136.1hz

The OM frequency is the earth’s one year rotation around the sun and is one of the most soothing sounds for humans and animals.  Within seconds of working with this vibration, you. are able to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. You can also use this fork to calm your mind in preparation for sleep or meditation. It helps reset biological rhythms and one’s circadian clock. Working with the Om fork will help you stay balanced and grounded along with strengthening your onnection with nature’s cycles.


Double the Pleasure! Working with two forks together allows you to apply vibration to both sides of the body at the same time (left & right) and (Front & Back when receiver is sitting or standing up).  You can also strengthen the vibration on single points. Common applications are: listening with both ears, temples, jaw bones, across shoulders, hip bones, feet, and heart center front and back. 


Sonic Being Tuning Fork Characteristics: 

- Sightly longer handle than other forks for easier application

- High quality vibration that is long lasting

- Corrosion and rust resistant 

- Pouches are handmade

- Made in the USA


Single fork is $59  // Set of two is $110

OM Frequency Tuning Fork Set of Two

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