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The Sonic Being Practitioner Set contains the "Must Have" frequencies for those who are practicing and sharing sound healing.  The world of tuning forks can be overwhelming with so many frequencies and schools of applications to choose from. After years of exploring sound healing and being that person who bought every tuning fork out there, this selection contains the forks Michelle has used the most over the years. 


The set comes with a double pouch that holds everything together. A single pouch is also included for times that you would like to travel with two or less forks. 


Practitioner Set includes:

2  x Om weighted forks (136.1)

1 x Healing Weighted Fork (128hz)

1 x C & G Harmony Fork set 

1 x Crystal Tuner

1 x Double Pouch

1 x Single Pouch


Sonic Being Tuning Fork Characteristics: 

- Sightly longer handle than other forks for easier application

- High quality vibration that is long lasting

- Corrosion and rust resistant 

- Pouches are handmade

- Made in the USA


Practitioner Tuning Fork Set

$305.00 Regular Price
$290.00Sale Price
Double Pouch
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