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Crystal Tuner Fork (4096hz)

The Crystal Tuner amplifies the healing energy of any crystal through sound vibration. This creates a bridge between the Cosmos and the physical body. In addition, it is often used to cleanse unwanted energy stored within a crystal by moving it around the crystal in a circular motion. This can also work with clearing the energy in a room, a person,  along with physical items. Some say its frequency is sound’s smudging vibration. 


Energy Clearing in a Space - you may activate the fork and sweep the room counter-clockwise to clear bad energy and direct the energy out the door. It is common that energy gets stuck in corners. You may consider cleansing each corner of the room with an up and down sweeping motion. To finish the process, sweep the room clockwise with positive intentions such as love, gratitude, and peace. 


Sonic Being Tuning Fork Characteristics: 

- Sightly longer handle than other forks for easier application

- High quality vibration that is long lasting

- Corrosion and rust resistant 

- Pouches are handmade

- Made in the USA

Crystal Tuner / Space Clearing Tuning Fork

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