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Vibrational Health Transformation

Sound Healing, Breathwork, and HeartMath


Let sound be your guide...
to the peace within you!

We are moving faster than ever. Whether you work hard, are recovering from life challenges, or simply want to reduce the stress in your daily life, the path to peace starts from within. 


Slowing down and creating a deeper connection with yourself will allow you to improve the quality of your life so you can live inspired, activated, and in flow!


I facilitate an array of healing spaces that will improve your life and those you share it with. 

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Public Sessions




Private Sessions


Special Events


Corporate Wellness



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About Michelle

Michelle has been exploring and sharing sound healing for fifteen years with certifications in Sound and Vibrational Healing, Breathwork, and HeartMath. She has performed sessions ranging from privates to group classes along with participating in corporate wellness programs festivals, and celebrity gatherings. This includes large sound meditation experiences with a full team and special guest musicians. In 2018, Michelle launched the Sonic Being Sound Healing Training Program and has successfully passed along her knowledge of sound and vibrational healing over the last few years. Learn from someone who has a broad range of real-life experience of sharing sound healing in all its forms. Michelle created the training she wished was available when she first started out. 

Michelle's Training was thorough, interesting, and enriching. The course exceeded all expectations and was more enjoyable than I imagined. I gained the confidence and knowledge to practice what she shared, as well as find my own healing "voice." -

– AJ –

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