Certified in the following:
Sound Healing, Breathwork, HeartMath, and
Vibrational Sound Therapy

Michelle Berc is the founder of Sonic Being and has shared sound healing across Southern California for over a decade. She is certified in Sound Healing, Breathwork, and is a HeartMath Practitioner. Michelle is known for her ‘Sonic Being’ signature chakra balancing sound bath with the crystal bowls. Quite often, her sessions expand into a full sonic journey as she regularly incorporates other distinctive sounds such as Himalayan Singing Bowls, Sacred Drums, Percussion accents, Gongs, and other rare instruments. Each soundscape is unique and provides a balanced healing due to the energetic architecture that the healing sounds seamlessly flow through.


Michelle's offerings range from private sessions to large group sound meditation experiences where she performs with a full team and special guest musicians. Michelle enjoys sharing vibrational healing at retreats, festivals, special events, corporate wellness programs, and celebrity gatherings. In 2018, Michelle Launched the Sonic Being Sound Healing Training Program and has successfully passed along her knowledge in sound and vibrational healing over the last few years. She is also a member of Sonic Devas Divine Feminine Sound Meditation Experience.


Previously, Michelle is also known as the founder and curator of the Create:Fixate Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists and musicians in Los Angeles for close to fifteen years. Exploring and understanding human energy through art and music has been a passion of Michelle’s since her childhood.

Michelle Berc